Quality in a series: the 2.2 K System.

It’s every mother’s nightmare: your child is running across the playground over-enthusiastically, the falling down is almost inevitable. The plaster is therefore a constant companion in any handbag – but none has made good on its promise until now: with poor adhesion and never the optimal size, taking care of the wound all-too-often becomes a real challenge. A visit to the playground thus ends bitterly time after time.

There has to be an alternative to adhesive plasters…

3P offers the solution

We had already developed our 2K System some years ago – an inner container for aerosol cans (tin) which allowed the secure transport, more stable storage and simple use of two components in one aerosol can.

At that point, the system construction was a real novelty in the market. Over the last three years we then dedicated ourselves to making the system yet more efficient and high-performance. The result is our successor product, the 2.2 K System, which resulted from the learning process in the first development phase and has since transformed from prototype into a product with series maturity.
Alongside implementation in the area of PUR foams, such applications with inner containers could also be possible in the pharmacy sector, e.g. with the aforementioned, quick-binding spray plaster for injuries with large surface areas or in industry, also as adhesive sprays. Equally, the first concrete batch of tests have already been successfully carried out with prototypes for 2K permanent hair dye (mostly in aluminium cans) and are ready to be implemented.

The road to series maturity was rocky

At the start of the first development phase, we were already clear that this two-component system would be tailorable for many products from various industries.
Following this, we decided to construct the system completely free of rubber in order to make it more resistant to the majority of chemical filling substances as well as propellant agents in comparison to conventional systems with rubber-based seals. Rubber is additionally one of the main restrictions for application in the area of hair dyes, but also in pharmacy, whereby our cans are ideally suited for this sector.
The development of the prototype for the 2.2 K System was ordered in 2009 from a manufacturer for 2K PU foams.

The intention was to be able to guarantee increased storage stability for the aerosol cans with inner containers as well as to allow simplified operation for the processor and the user. To reach this result and to be able to provide these capabilities, the system underwent multiple development stages and numerous rounds of tests. The process was not always smoothe and after many rounds of tests, it was often a case of improve and rethink – but as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day either…

Today we can say with pride: our series-matured 2.2 K System is a qualitatively high-value inner container for aerosol cans, composed of existing and durable materials and thus produced and filled with the latest machines and automation technology at a competitive price.

Untroublesome application for the user…

Security, stability and user-friendliness are the main focal points of the 2K applications in the market. Significantly more reliable system functions make the qualitatively high-value 2.2 K System stand out and offer corresponding user advantages in contrast to the previously available 2K systems.

The user no longer has to battle awkwardly with the system release to mix the two active agents with each other uniformly. The user obtains the desired end product in a perfect mix from one single can at the touch of a button and with constant release behaviour. The storage security and the automatic pressure balance of our inner containers means the user can activate the can at any time and independent of the ambient temperature. The perfect choice of materials eliminates clogging of the components whilst at the same time also doing away with the inconvenient complaints addressed to the supplier.

Poor wound treatment and an unpleasant end to playground visits would become a thing of the past.
The new system’s guaranteed application period of 24 months is significantly extended when compared with conventional systems. First use is now also quite clearly identifiable for the end user via a special protection system with a guarantee seal, and is a welcome additional benefit.

…and cost-effectiveness for the supplier

The advantages for the end user result simultaneously in immense usefulness for marketing and product introduction for the supplier. In addition, logistics and manufacturing costs can be reduced by receiving completely assembled and filled inner containers. The improved economy results from the simplified construction of the can’s inner container as well as the standardised handling (clinch to can). Standard components are used, such as a valve plate that connects the 2K System with the can. The simplified, clean insertion of the individual container into the can saves time and costs. The processing of fewer components also creates a cost-effective alternative for the supplier.

Our customer delivered the pilot series in March 2012. The market debut is now fixed to take place in September 2012.