Practical and uncomplicated: the Click and Fix System.

Unnecessary handles, too many incompatible components: we all know this kind of scenario from far too many situations in life. There is a perfect solution available for at least one of these situations: the patented Click & Fix System for use on aerosol cans/PUR foams. This system offers hobby craftsmen as well as professionals vastly increased ease of handling with the corresponding products.

The Click & Fix System provides the remedy and we now produce it in a series. This system consists of one of our own special caps, which doesn’t just have the function of a normal valve cap, but also fits two specially developed spray gun types by means of a bayonet joint. This offers the end user a complementary and faultless, functionally-suited foam system. The Click & Fix System is the perfect alternative to the missing industry standard for individual products. Meanwhile, a plethora of assorted spray gun types have entered the market and at minimum, like many PUR manufacturers, they use a vast range of differently threaded rings. Thus it’s always difficult to couple the spray guns.

The consequences: compatibility issues as well as reduced product functionality, which lead to complaints to the manufacturer who cannot in fact do anything due to the missing standards.

The user usually notices first during use whether the PUR foam can purchased fits the existing spray gun or not. Annoyance seems to be programmed into this system in every case.

The first series upgrade

We presented the prototype for the series upgrade to SOUDAL and then developed it further together. SOUDAL N.V. is the leading manufacturer of sealants, adhesives, PUR foams, building protective agents and sealing tapes. In the first series, the Click & Fix cap still had a separate valve protection lid – so two parts that had to be manually connected and set by being heated. A significant economic as well as practical disadvantage.

The compatibility problems between can and spray gun were already solved at this point: two spray guns differing in their method of construction are used and can be joined with the can via a bayonet joint. We didn’t change this operation.

Since early 2011, the PUR foam solutions from SOUDAL can be found with our new Click & Fix cap type in specialist shops.

The successor series: “Click & Fix Upgraded”

We saw further potential for improvement so we soon followed up with our product upgrade. After that, we changed the product design to make operation easier. We wanted to offer a one-piece cap with integrated lid and thereby spare the manufacturer the need to close the lid. At the same time, the splashed lid means a guaranteed seal for the can’s first use.

We additionally changed the material that makes up the Click & Fix cap. It was important for us that the product properties, and thereby the advantages during use, be retained 100 percent. After diverse material tests and usage checks, we finally managed to implement a cheaper material and so make reduced production costs possible.

The challenge of series maturity

The development towards serial production is always exciting. Even if the design suggestions and the prototype have already been developed, a product’s road to process capability is again always peppered with unforeseeable things – a kind of adventure that has to be experienced. This was the greatest challenge with our Click & Fix Upgrade too.

An absolute sticking point in the process was fully retaining the actual cover properties despite having changed the material, and to have the cover close on the filling line in such a way that it always functions securely and smoothly. In our series of tests, we received varying results from cannot be closed to closeable, but with subsequent streaking – i.e. stress fractures. We came one step closer to a solution with each attempt so that today we can proudly present our Click & Fix System Upgrade in series maturity. Click & Fix is the product solution for all manufacturers who would like to save their customers the “PUR foam puzzle game” with pre-packed bookshelves.

“You learn about it in every process. Today we see that a managed cover geometry thus resolves, for example, some restrictions in material properties.” (Borhi, István)