MIKAvent – The Rubber Free PU Valve

The idea of MIKAvent was inspired by the problem that traditional rubber-based PU-valves often harden right after the first use, especially if in contact with humidity and prepolymer power gases (PB, DME). Once the rubber valve sticks and loses flexibility, further use is impossible, which presents serious disadvantages.

Neither satisfactory storage time nor problem-free application can be guaranteed, causing frequent complaints.

To eliminate this problem, 3P-Mikropakk has

Innovation: The rubber-free solid valve PU RF07

Application: PUR-foams, 1K-Pistol foams, 1K-2K Adapter foams

Following the principle of traditional valves, the TPE spring and seal components in PU FR07 maintain compatibility and optimal function with all PUR sealent and construction foam pistols and adapters available.

Resulting ftom the complete elimination of rubber components, PU RF07 valve systems offers a number of advantages over conventional valve systems:


A real innovation: an alternative PU valve at a competitive price!

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